About Haxi

People use Haxi to find and offer transportation. More than 100000 users and 12000 drivers use the app to get around in bigger cities and smaller settlements. The name Haxi is a fun portmanteau of hack and taxi.


Haxi started as a supplement to public transportation and as an alternative to drive your own car. Users can either be drivers, passengers, or both. Our product supports a list of available drivers sorted by location combined with rich user profiles, text messaging and money transfer features. We believe in a future where access to transport is unlimited, regardless of location. By sharing existing resources it is possible. 


Haxi was founded by Aleksander, Joonas, and Robert who has spent 15 years combined working on communication systems in the transportation sharing space. We are a small team of developers working on Haxi. If you want to say hi, send us an email on post@haxi.me

Joonas Kirsebom
CTO & Co-Founder
Aleksander Soender
CEO & Co-Founder
Robert Daniel Nagy
Chief Design Officer & Co-Founder