FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

We receive a lot of feedback, ideas and questions on our support channel. We are continually updating this page. If you do not find what you are looking for do not hesitate to message us on the app (look for 'Haxi Support' in your inbox) or send us an email at post@haxi.me


How to book a ride?

You can do this in two different ways:

1 - Click the Shout button (car icon) on start screen and tell the community where you are going from and to. How many people you are and when you need the ride. Drivers will receive push notification about your request and contact you via comments or direct message

2 - Pick a driver from the list and send your request via direct message

How can I trust drivers?

In most situations users already know each other from prior to sharing transport on Haxi. We offer a simple rating system to eventually filter out drivers who misuse the system. Most Haxi profiles are synchronised with Facebook profiles. By doing this we show mutual friends on profiles to create transparency. Haxi encourage drivers to provide clear profile photos, a bio description, a phone number, a clear photo of vehicle and to share their license plate numbers with passengers. If these information details are not available on a profile please ask the driver to update his or her profile through the direct messaging system.

There is no available drivers in my area?

If you are located in Northern Europe, we do have drivers available even when the list is empty. In Asia, US, Africa and Middle East users are limited at this moment. Haxi automatically wakes up drivers in an area as soon as the system registers an increase in user activity and demand. We are continuously improving this technology based on usage.

How do I pay for shared transportation?

Haxi users pay each other for shared transportation in various ways. We offer a simple payment system HaxiPay* which let users send money instantly via the messaging system on the app. Many users also use regional money transfer services and cash. *HaxiPay is currently only active in Northern Europe.

Am I insured when using Haxi?

It is required to have an insurance when driving a car. Passengers are always covered by this insurance. For profit transportation requires special insurances from drivers.


How do I start driving?

Get the app and sign up. Click settings on your profile and choose driver. Add some details about the car. Go to the start screen on Haxi and click the white dot in upper left corner. Choose how many hours you like to take requests from passengers.

How do I calculate prices on shared transport?

Haxi is not involved in calculating prices on transportation between users. Most often users are calculating prices on shared transportation per mile/km based on type of vehicle, taxes, insurances, distance, road pricing etc. In other words: all costs related to own and drive a vehicle. There is a lot of great tools to help you out on mobile and web. Haxi has developed a simple app "HaxiMeter" for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. Professional transport providers on Haxi (taxis, minivans, limousine, buses and boat/ferry services) usually have meters or fixed fare prices.

Does Haxi offer a ridesharing insurance?

No, we are not selling insurance products. Most insurance companies are developing custom insurance products targeted the sharing economy.

Do I have to pay tax on tips from Haxi?

It depends on national tax laws. Best thing to do is ask local tax administration division.

Can I use Haxi for professional transport services?

Yes. Many professional transport operators such as taxi, minivan, limousine, bus and boat/ferry services, are using Haxi to promote, meet and talk to new customers.

Can I use Haxi parallel with competing platforms?



How can I help promote Haxi?

Just like everyone else we prefer to know about new apps from our friends and not from annoying advertisements. The Haxi community is growing rapidly through word of mouth. If you like the idea behind Haxi, share it with your friends, on Snapchat, Facebook or wherever you’re hanging out online. Tag your post with #haxi and we’ll help you boost it.

Is transport sharing on Haxi legal?

Yes. Haxi facilitates a meeting point, communication services and transaction services for ridesharing. Ridesharing is legal in most countries. Professional transportation is often regulated by national and regional transport laws.

How do I delete my Haxi account?

Send us an email on post@haxi.me with email or/and username from same email address you registered your account with. We will delete the profile and all data within 24 hours.